Companionship Care

Our caregivers are dedicated to establishing profound connections with clients, offering not just companionship but also vital emotional support, ensuring that no one faces isolation. We prioritize the well-being and emotional needs of our clients, creating a sense of belonging and warmth in their journey.

Personal Care

Movic Healthcare provides essential assistance with personal hygiene, grooming, dressing, and mobility. Our caregivers are dedicated to preserving each client's dignity while promoting their overall comfort. This ensures a sense of well-being and independence, allowing individuals to thrive in the familiar and reassuring environment of their own homes.

Live-in Care

Our caregivers provide around-the-clock support for individuals who require constant assistance. This 24/7 availability ensures clients receive continuous care within the familiar and comforting environment of their own home, promoting their well-being, security, and peace of mind.

Activities of Daily Living

Our highly trained caregivers assist with daily activities like eating, bathing, toileting, and light housekeeping. By providing comprehensive support, we ensure that our clients enjoy a high quality of life within the comfort of their own homes, fostering well-being and independence.

Meal Preparation and Shopping

Recognizing the importance of nutrition in overall health, we assist clients with meal preparation and grocery shopping. Our aim is to ensure that their dietary requirements are not only met but also tailored to their specific needs, promoting well-being and vitality.

Medication Management

We prioritize clients' health and wellness by ensuring they adhere to their prescribed medications through timely reminders. Our commitment is to promote well-being and vitality, offering peace of mind and a proactive approach to medication management.

Transportation Services

Our caregivers offer secure transportation to medical appointments and social activities, facilitating clients' continued engagement with their community. This service ensures not only mobility but also a strong sense of connection, promoting well-being and active participation in the community.

Social and Learning Activities

We proactively foster mental and emotional well-being through the promotion of social interactions and engaging activities. Our approach encourages a fulfilling and enriching environment, ensuring our clients' overall health and happiness through companionship and active involvement in enjoyable activities.

Exercising and Positioning

Our Exercising and Positioning services are dedicated to enhancing physical health and comfort. Movic Healthcare's skilled caregivers provide tailored exercise routines and assist clients in maintaining optimal positioning. This ensures improved physical well-being and minimizes discomfort, fostering a higher quality of life.

Routing Hair and Skin Care

At Movic Healthcare, we understand the importance of routine hair and skin care in maintaining overall well-being. Our dedicated caregivers provide specialized care routines, ensuring that clients' hair and skin remain healthy. From gentle hair grooming to skincare regimens, our services are designed to enhance comfort and self-esteem. We prioritize individualized care to promote a positive self-image and a sense of confidence.